Beting live on over 1.5 goals

 Beting live on over 1.5 goals

 Beting live on over 1.5 goals

With this betting strategy, you are betting on live games on the bet type “Over 1.5 goals”.

 Beting live on over 1.5 goals – betting strategy

Live betting on “over 1.5 goals” is a very lucrative betting strategy. This bet has an interesting advantage due to the development of the odds. First of all, you should do the same thing as with normal over / under bets. Find a game where you expect an over 2.5. Only use this betting strategy for bets where you expect this.

Before the game, the odds of an over 1.5 will be very low. In some cases, it is no higher than 1.20. But while the game is running and the goals are missing, this rate increases almost every minute and becomes more and more lucrative. Now you have to be patient. Ideally – as with any bet – you should watch the game live at the same time in order to have the greatest possible advantage.

Now wait until the bet has odds between 1.50 and 2.00. The higher the better, but of course the timing is important. If a goal is scored, the bet is over before it has even started and you have to find a new game. This strategy only works if it is 0-0 long enough. Usually, you will have to wait until the 35th to 55th minute so that the odds on the over 1.5 are fair. However, we recommend that you still bet in the first half – it is important that the odds are 1.50 or higher.

You analyzed the game before kick-off and expected an over 2.5. If you’re not completely wrong, goals will still be scored here. And we are eagerly awaiting the first goal as soon as the bet is played.

If a goal is scored quite early after your bet, then you have – at least with most bookmakers who allow this – a profitable exit strategy: The odds for the over 1.5 will of course rattle off after the first goal. Now you can have the bet paid out via cashout, you can virtually “sell” it. You will definitely get out with a plus.

The riskier option is to wait for the second goal and win the bet anyway. Here it is of course advisable to watch the game live. If there is a goal in the air, you can still wait and let the bet stand. If the game is a tense affair, then it may be better to sell the bet.

In any case, for such a strategy it is advisable to bet with a betting company that allows a live cashout option. For more information on the subject of live betting, see also the live betting section of our page.